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You are kinda correct

March 13th, 2014

.Your explanation of Lipoproteins is right on the mark. But the problem is that there is no such thing as a sulfurated lipid. What people are calling Sulfur protein is actually a Sulfur Amino Acid or SAA. Therefore it can in no way effect the obsorbtion of the flax oil. Most people consume way to much protein as it is and have no shortage of proteins to “scoop” up the FFA or free floating acid. That is not to say the SAA aren’t important to the Budwig protocol, we simply don’t know the answer to that yet. There is evidence to suggest that Methionine, Cysteine (the two Sulfur Amino Acids) + suggest to buy Azithromycin (generic Zithromax) present in cottage cheese help the body to create VLDL (Very Low Density Lipoproteins)so it could be beneficial in that regard. The thing to remember is that there is significant antecdotal evidence to support the use of the Budwig Protocol and thats what counts.

Interesting problem here.

March 10th, 2014

The people on the flax-seed-oil lists, insist on cottage cheese, as the only adequate complement to flax oil. In your click, the info provided allows for yogurt and milk, especially whole milk. I wonder if it would degrade the formula, if someone were to make a drink containing more than flax-oil and milk/yogurt/cottage cheese, etc., but also included fruit (bananas, strawberries, blueberries, etc.), which, I suspect, would make it a lot more palatable.

I did not know that a hernia oper

February 26th, 2014

could do that. about 6 or 7 yrs. ago i had a hernia oper. the uro. said that i may have a problem with retarded ejack. that it would go back to my testicales and citrate sildenafil 100mg online sometime after that i noticed that i may have e.d.i also have an enlarged prostate that if it does not improve by june he has to oper. this blog has suggested that i should get annother uro. i took that advice and will be going to the v.a. hospital in detroit to try to get my health,medicine etc.straightend out.

I knew I sensed an agenda! You should have just spit it out

February 18th, 2014

It’s fine if you’ve had problems yourself and they were medical. But if you had mentally induced ED and think it’s a cure all, stop thinking that way. Good for you in getting over it through yoga.

Let me ask you, did the doctors find any physical reason for your ED?
Me, I have a hole where some of my blood flow takes a shortcut. It makes a little humming sound and sometimes, like when I’m real flaccid or too cold, I can feel it vibrate.

As I said, I have a VASCULAR LEAK. A physical damage that yoga won’t fix. You should have backed away and gone to push your “product” to somebody it would help. Don’t run around trying to tell people with physical problems that you have a way around doctors. Yes, the health and clarity of Yoga would be good for us, but it still won’t repair broken tissue.

“I am against the widespread use of drugs in western societies…”

I am against the widespread ignorance of anti-western thinking. Just as I’m against anti-religious thinking. Closing your eyes to an entire subject because one thing worked for you or failed you is just that. Ignorantly closing your eyes and being blind needlessly.

I’ve seen spiritual sided side effects too. People wrapped so deep in their chi or ohm that they neglect family and even their own bodies. Others so high on aura that they forget about the rights of other people. Too much of ANY good thing sours the pot. (Water is good- Drowning is bad.)

… Let me help you. I’m posting this group of mails to the Impotence_Support group to let anyone wanting to try Tao Yoga contact you. My one caveat is my take on who should contact you.

Anyone that has no physical cause for impotence or erectile dysfunction- but still suffers from it after seeing a doctor, knows they’re having performance anxiety ED, or wants to improve their flexibility, breathing and blood pressure should contact this guy for information about Tao Yoga.

I am 38 year old male pt with no risk factors

January 29th, 2014

However the past few  weeks i have had chest pain with no shortness of breath no sweating . I went to the er the first time and the Dr said its probably just muscular /skeletal.(he did do an ekg and said it was good)

When the pain still continued after a couple weeks I went to my Family dr who did an ekg and cholesterol panel.My ekg was good and my cholesterol was real good at 139.
He was worried about my blood pressure and had me monitor it .

After another week of pain and some light headedness I went back to my family dr who then scheduled me for a stress test and placed me on norvasc form this canadian pharmacy for my blood pressure. My blood pressure was 165/96.

I was just wondering what the stress test was like and if you think so far my Dr has been doing good with treatment or should he be more aggresive.


ps -I am overweight ,i weigh about 288 and i do have sleep apnea. I think im more concerned with the light headedness than the chest pain itself,also the pain doesnt radiate anywhere.

Halo is right, my question was about the psychological reasons of ED

January 28th, 2014

Other reason might be leakage. Three days back I went to urologist. He examined my penis and prostrate physically and his opinion was that apparently my penis looks fine (I also had complete urine and testosterone tests. Urine test was ok and testosorne was in the lower but normal range). I asked him about the Doppler test to check whether I have leakage or not, but unfortunately Doppler is not available in that hospital.

I think what John was saying is that

January 27th, 2014

if someone is able to get morning erections, but is not able to get them otherwise, then perhaps the issues are psychological. The key word there is perhaps. There’s a lot more to it.

John, here’s my opinion… see what happens your first time with your wife. Like Riftalope said, you may be so excited it turns out to not be an issue. On the flip side, you may be nervous. This, coupled with the issues you already mentioned may mean that you may not be able to achieve erection the first time you are with your wife. It’s happened to me as well (and many others in this group) the first time I was with a girl. The main thing I’ve learned is to stay calm.
Do not blame her or yourself. If this happens, wait until the morning and try again and see if your body responds better in the morning when the body is relaxed.
If not, then personally I think it’s important to have a talk with your wife and let her know what’s going on and that you are going to try to fix it and need her support. Then, go to a urologist that specializes in ED. You’ll probably have at least several visits to determine the issue. Perhaps generic viagra or generic cialis will be a temporary solution until you and your doctor can figure out what’s going on (physically or psychologically).

For now, take the time to read past postings for this blog related to what you are experiencing b/c there is really good info people have put out there.

Good luck!

No you’ve got it backwords

January 4th, 2014

Morning wood is a natural regular function. Most erections bob a bit and some guys don’t point up.
We’re all diferent. As a virgin you should have no problem with the extra thrill of not only sex with a woman, but your wife. The bonus being that you’ll have plenty of time to learn how to make each other MORE happy. You’ll be plenty happy. Don’t forget to try to please her.


I am new to this blog, I am 32 years male

December 19th, 2013

unmarried, never had sex relation. I was used to masturbate a lot from early age, now I am getting married after a month. I have some problems, please advise me;

- I am able to get erection with thinking and/or penis stimulation but erection is not much hard.
- Normally I get erection in the morning but the erection is not hard and not long lasting.
- When I lay down on my back and if I get erection, it lasts for some time but if I stand up, my penis falls down very quickly (within seconds).
- Root of my penis is thin and my penis shakes when I move myself, meaning its weak at base/root.

I came to know that if a person is having morning erections, it means that he is having ED due to psychic reasons. What could be my cause, as I am having fear of not being able to do intercourse with my wife as it would be hard at the beginning to do intercourse with a virgin (in our culture, we don’t have relations before marriage).

Please advice me. Thanks in advance.

So, Viagra has not been that great for me in the past

November 30th, 2013

Could not maintain erection for over a minute or so. I think antidepressants are the cause. I see improvement with this Androgel testosterone.

Even been having the “morning woods”!

Can’t advise on implants.

I have been on the depression medicene for a long time

November 15th, 2013

I am presently on Testosterone pills that I put undermy lip in the morning and evenving when I go to bed. I have tried all the so called sex pills like Cialis and Levita with not luck. I have even tried the shots in the Penis with no luck. At last visit to my doc he said that he tought the only thing for me was and implant. This I am not sure of. I would like to hear from men who have the implant, I have several question I would like to ask them.
Any information would be appreciated. I have another doc appt. in about a week and I think I must make a decision by then and I don’t think I am ready to at the present. I would like some information from some guys who have the implant.


September 12th, 2013

I am 44 now and have had ED problem going on twenty years now and it just seems to gewt worse. I too have tried the viagra and considering that the pill only makes your penis hard ( if it works at all ) and does nothing for your brain to make you feel that you are the man you once use to be I have decided to keep it as a last resort. Now for anyone that is using it and haveing good results I am happy for you and wish many years of succes. If you are getting Head Ache,s my advice is to drink lots of water before you take it and a couple more after it is in you system it will help, your head and heartburn if you get that also, I did.

Now I don’t claim too be a Doctor but can tell from my first hand experience that not every day is a good day for us. I have purchased a cock ring at an adult store and on the days that seem to be a good and the rest of body ( head and mind feel sexual ), I can put on this device and when I get an erection can maitain it for a good while. It will make your penis very veiny looking also good for impressing you and your partner. Tips on this of course not knowing your severity of ED is to not lay on yur back for your partner to ride as I feel this limits the amount of blood flow to the penis. I get more feeling in my penis with this than any orther thin I have tried so far. I purchased the one that is a piece of rubber tubing with a bead that has a hole in it for the tubing and allows it to be adjustable. In conclusion I wish everyone succes I know it can be a challenge on some day,s to understand why this has happend to us, and what is life and a relationship worth if we can’t have romance and affection. I will check back later to see any responses you all might have.
Later Tim